Monday, 15 February 2010

Project Partners feedback

Last week was focused on collating information from partners, tying the information together with feedback from internal interviews. As part of this work a number of positive aspects with working with Staffordshire University were highlighted:
  • Annual review follow ups to colleges is very useful
  • Some faculty processes encourage partnership developments
  • Consortium award developments works well
  • University is seen to work hard at providing suitable progression
  • University respects employer feedback
  • Colleges appreciate being able to start awards in Sept and January
However there have also been some issues that have been highlighted by the partner colleges:
  • Getting resources released in time for college teaching via VLE is difficult
  • Can be a delay in getting a validation date
  • Communication is slow, especially when working across faculties
  • Faculty processes to award development are all different for partner colleges
  • Faculty support towards award development in partner colleges is diverse
  • Perception of inflexibility in awards
These points have been highlighted (in more detail) within our own network, plus we have a SURF Portfolio Review that they will be able to feed into, along with into the work of the Course Related Information we are doing. We have also updated the Partners Ning site with the new documents already created by internal projects around improving the validation process.

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