Friday, 8 January 2010

Having a n-ice new year

Sorry about that! Things are quiet for me at the moment, as I have been house bound for the last three days thanks to the ice on the roads by where I live. Fortunately Sam has been carrying on with interviewing staff around the curriculum design processes for mapping and for capturing more issues. We have created a long list of issues from the 2009 interviews, as part of this I have tried to group them in different areas and themes it seems that the issues can be broken down into the following areas:
  • Strategy (Culture, Product, Resourcing)
  • Student Support (Communication, Marketing, Systems)
  • Course DD (Communication, Annual Monitoring, Marketing, Engagement, Product, Processes)
  • Course Information (Communication, Systems)
  • Course Support (Resourcing)
  • Global (Communication, Culture, Engagement, Id Management, Processes, Project Management, Resourcing, Systems)
  • Partnerships (Communication, Marketing, Processes, Progression, Resources)
  • Project Management (Resourcing, Scoping, Systems, Timescales)
These will be discussed further at next weeks SMWG as long as snow doesn't get it cancelled. We really need this SMWG as the last few have been cancelled due to clashes either with JISC events or with other senior management meetings. We were hoping to be discussing the Programme Office principle at this meeting but it looks like this has got bigger than Enable and the executive are now interested in the model I have documented. Not sure what is going to happen next on this, but all sounds very positive still.

Other than the spreadsheet I have been catching up on previous Elluminate sessions that JISC have been running via the circle network, and managed to catch one live on Wednesday thanks to working from home. Some interesting discussions are going on out there on how to manage organisational change and addressing cultural issues to changing curriculum delivery.

Over the next week I am expecting some interesting reports from our project partners summarising their experiences over the last year with Staffordshire University. Will report on these and other points raised in this blog as soon as I can :)

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