Thursday, 24 September 2009

It’s good to talk!

A big thank you to Manchester, Bolton and Leeds who made their way to Staffordshire yesterday for our second cluster meeting. We had a lot of good discussions around what we have all been working on and found that we have shared experiences in the following areas:

  • Costing/ Resourcing any change in the curriculum is difficult
  • “On ground” staff see limited value in QA based on the time spent doing it
  • Business maps have little value without the extra layers (application etc) as processes themselves appear to be in ok shape – issues at deeper levels.
  • How are processes that sit within faculties managed?
  • Big focus on managing culture change
  • How do we discover the hard cost of developing and delivering modules
  • Useful process mapping tools are expensive, but TOGAF and Archimate very useful in themselves.
  • A requirement to link awards/ modules with learning objectives and competencies.

In the afternoon Bolton University started a discussion around managing curriculum across partners and ensuring an equitable experience to all learners. This caused further discussion around how universities support dispersed interpretation of module delivery.


Manchester presented their work so far and talked about the disparity between senior staff and staff “on the ground” and how they view what would constitute improvement of CDD. They used the statement “One source of truth and the truth will be trusted” which sums up a number of issues here at Staffordshire University, not only do people consider the need for one source of the truth but also that it needs to be trusted, but how can one source fit all stakeholder needs and how can we get people to trust it?

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