Friday, 11 September 2009

Back from ALTC

Well what a three days! One of the first sessions after the keynote was the one done by Sam and myself (, which I recorded and will try and post either later today or at the start of next week. It was a very busy session which was very positive. Sam, Mark and myself attended a number of different sessions looking at different aspects of Curriculum Design and a number of symposiums where done by the different programme clusters.

The experience of ALTC can be broken into three areas – shared experiences, suggestions in supporting Enable and questions that need asking. A lot of my thoughts have been captured in my Twitter, and need collecting along with the fuller notes I made in the sessions. Some of these include:

  • can we be more flexible with tasks in CDD and delivery?
  • Getting academic trust in information from central services is difficult
  • Need to keep in touch with other JISC projects to ensure not reinventing the wheel
  • Learner built curriculum is now a big theme for lots of institutions
  • How do we embrace the informal processes and feral systems?

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