Tuesday, 5 May 2009

Continuous Enhancement

As mentioned in an earlier blog I attended a very useful session in Birmingham on Quality Assurance and Enhancement done by the HEA to support the Curriculum Design and Development and Curriculum Delivery programmes. I have published my notes in  the Elgg Enable group for discussion within the project. I have also shared my notes with members of the programme cluster who where unable to attend the day. For those interested in QA/QE then you can register with the SIG at www.qe-sig.net and view the presentations under Events.

Some of this information will be old hat to people in Staffordshire University and done almost everyday, either with our without recognition, as Enhancement has been a key term here for the last few years. However is that message across the whole university? I have encouraged staff to comment on the notes I took and hopefully I will get some response. Some of the interesting points raised that link to Enable:

  • Understanding scope and developing baselines
  • Constant changing environments for institutions – the need of institutional Reform
  • Development of Enhancement Academy
  • Communication strategies are vital as are linking strategies together
  • Supporting staff development
  • Engagement of all stakeholders
  • Student Experience

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