Thursday, 11 December 2008


The project partner presentation at Newcastle went really well and seemed very positive. They gave us some thoughts on where they would see the Enable project, plus seemed very open to the idea of using blogs and reflecting on the processes involved in curriculum design, and development. We managed to make a clear distinction between the Enable project and DIVAS during this meeting, as we are still planning on using the Validation Support Network to capture the reflective process. They have collected a number of awards that are in development at the college, and have one more interview before we get the templates back all completed. We will then need to think of a way of capturing when those developments change status - something to think about for the new year I feel. I have also contacted Shrewsbury to find out where they are with capturing award information, it looks like we might be waiting for the New Year before that information comes to us, but is on the list. I will be popping to see the Shrewsbury team just before Christmas to see if they are happy and also give them an overview of the project and what is happening. Once I have finished this blog its time to spend some time with the To Do list in Outlook so nothing gets over looked.

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Anonymous said...

A very diplomatic way of phrasing some of our staff view on blogs, Fleur!

Informal discussion afer the meeting - curriculum staff are very keen on the DIVAS project as we are all always looking for ways in interract more effectively with the university. I think the main problem is that in FE things move and change at lightning speed and we have a "we need things now!" attitude, whereas at the university it's a lot more, shall we say, measured!