Wednesday, 1 May 2013

EA Workshop Newcastle-Upon-Tyne 16 April 2013

This was our final EA workshop and Ray and I traveled to Newcastle the day before to ensure we were ready to run it. There were a few changes made to the content of the session, but essentially it was the same. We started with a round of introductions and found that there were several participants with a role that included business and IT planning. However, there were few that had any experience of using EA and Archi. The introduction to EA and to Archi delivered by Ray and Dumebi went well and the participants seemed to enjoy the card exercise as well as getting to grips with Archi. The sample file that was shared helped to speed up the process of creating the first map.

Although there were very few questions and little discussion during the session, the action planning exercise and the feedback at the end of the workshop suggested that they had all found the workshop helpful in developing their knowledge and skills in EA and Archi. Most were keen to continue their learning and to explore ways to embed this in their organisation.

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