Tuesday, 9 October 2012

Creative Thinking

The project has been progressing, albeit slowly, over the summer months.

We met with our project partner, Stephen Powell from Bolton, on 18th September to share our plans for the workshop on 6 November with the RSC, and had some useful feedback.

We have planned a second workshop for April 2013 (probably the 9 or 16th) in Newcastle with Andrew Stewart.

Ray and Ian have been working to develop the workshop materials, activities and Powerpoints. Ian and I have created some 'cards' based on the Archi icons to use in the workshop for the initial activity. We hope that by engaging participants with a hands-on activity to create a simple process map with cards they will be able to conceptualise the EA process and be able to transfer to the Archi software easily.

We are planning to deliver a webinar with Stephen Powell sharing our case studies in January. This may be delivered as part of a face-to-face workshop.

I have arranged to meet with one of the participants from our first workshop in July to see how they have been implementing EA

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